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Walked the hard road and want to give back? Had an exit and looking for the next opportunity? Eager to learn more about building startups in Africa?

We have a curated network of dedicated, trained, experienced professionals that gain access to our amazing startups and unique programs.

Redefining mentorship takes commitment

The mentorship model in Africa is broken. Parachuting in for a quick chat once a month does not create growth. Truly getting stuck-in builds world shaping startups.

We've created a unique mentorship model that is intensive and effective- offering both the mentor and startup the opportunity to co-build together.

What makes our mentor program unique?


We source mentors from across USA, Africa and Europe


Our mentors are matched with a startup based on the their unique need and the mentor's professional experience


Mentors are expected to do 3+ hours/week of work and are seen as co-builders

Mentor traits

It takes a village to build a company. Our mentors play a material role in assisting, shaping, advising and actually building our incubated businesses. They are closer to Co-Founders than anything else.


The best mentors embody the following qualities:


  • Be proactive - lead but don’t force your Mentee along the journey

  • Get stuck in - truly want to understand & build the venture they are mentoring

  • Do the work - it is necessary to do work before & after each session

  • Want to learn - we are active members of the entrepreneurial community; let’s learn together 

  • Consider the journey - it’s a marathon not a sprint

  • Focus on the human - entrepreneur development is paramount 

Building value for our community

Mentors and experts dedicate critical time and attention to our companies, helping us grow entrepreneurism in Africa. 

In exchange for dedicating their time to this important endeavor we hope to build value for our mentor & expert community.

  • Opportunity to give back to the StartUp industry in South Africa

  • Collaborative contribution to growing Stellenbosch as a StartUp hub

  • Access to world class Entrepreneurship content

  • First sight exposure to upcoming vacancies and opportunities from within the LaunchLab network

  • Opportunity to work with early stage companies that may lead to future employment possibilities

  • Access to a network of other amazing mentors that come from entrepreneurial or investor backgrounds 

  • Opportunity to interact with 30+ Circle of Partner members 

  • Certification as an official ‘SU LaunchLab Mentor’

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