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Empowering student entrepreneurs to build successful startups
* This program is free for Stellenbosch University students.
Spaces limited to 15. 

We offer expert advice and experience to ensure your success 

Our Student Startup Incubation program offers the following:

  • 5 sessions of 60 minutes per team: During the program, each selected team will receive a series of interactive and informative sessions aimed at enhancing their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.

  • Up to 5 additional hours of bespoke support per team: We understand that each team has different needs and challenges. Therefore, our experienced advisors will be available to provide personalized support to address your specific requirements.

  • Investor one pager created for each team: We will guide you in crafting a compelling and concise investor one pager, helping you effectively communicate your startup's value proposition and potential to investors.

  • Professional pitch deck: Our team of experts will assist you in creating a visually appealing and impactful pitch deck that effectively highlights your startup's unique selling points and market potential.

  • Pitch training: Perfect your pitch! You will receive comprehensive training to develop persuasive and captivating presentation skills, enabling you to confidently pitch your ideas to investors, partners, and stakeholders.


We are committed to fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and empowers student entrepreneurs. By participating in this incubation program, you will gain valuable skills, insights, and networks that will propel your startup journey forward.

Apply now to be selected as one of 15 student startups that will participate in this awesome incubation program!

We encourage you to provide a comprehensive overview of your startup idea and its potential impact. We accept teams on a rolling basis and will try to get back to you within 2 weeks of having received your application.

Applications are open from July 2023 - July 2024, with 15 startups admitted on a rolling basis. 

Ready to build?

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