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Building World Shaping  

Your confident,
commercial co-builder.

We help mission driven, early-stage entrepreneurs from across the continent develop and scale their businesses.
Our  programmes

We help leading university student startups gain the proper foundations for growth through curriculum, cohort sessions and 1:1 business building support.

Teams can utilise professional templates and request additional mentoring. 

The 6-week program provides standardised content around business building techniques, sales, fundraising and pitching. It then supercharges those learnings with bespoke support. 

Over the last 8 years we have helped dozens of venture teams.

Those teams generated more than R550m+ in revenue in the last financial year, and have collectively raised more than R520m in investment.

Countdown is a 5 week programme for SU Researchers and Alumni that prepares deep tech ventures to launch, and to get the handles to navigate the complex space of building partnerships and finding customers.



This exclusive program is designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs like you and provide the necessary support to transform your student business into a successful startup!

Through a series of interactive sessions, each team will receive valuable guidance and mentorship, along with up to 5 additional hours of tailored support based on their specific needs. The program focuses on empowering students by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the startup ecosystem.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Join us in the Student Startup Incubation program and take the first step towards building a successful startup!

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