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Change can happen anywhere.


We help teach new problem solving methods and the mentality that go along with them to universities, students, corporate partners and anyone interested in viewing the world in a new way.

All great entrepreneurial ecosystems are built around world class universities.  The students that walk the SU campus are full of ideas, passion, and the vision for a better future.

Throughout the academic year we hold design thinking bootcamps, pitch competitions,  entrepreneurship workshops, networking events and other programming to catalyse SU students.   


If you're a student keen to get involved in or even just test the waters, check out our Varsity Engagement page for our latest programs.

Ideation Partnerships

Corporates, governments, universities, development organisations all want to innovate.
We offer the experiential training necessary to develop new ideas, test their merits and scale their impact in a fun, exciting, interactive setting. 

We can help your organisation unlock latent ideas and inspire your teams to transform ideas into reality with bootcamps, experiential learning workshops and business builder sprints. 

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