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Upcoming Events 2024

SU Student Workshops 

Calling SU Students from the following Faculties! It is your turn!

  • AgriScience

  • Engineering

  • Science

Gear up for an electrifying 2-day Entrepreneurship Bootcamp hosted by SU LaunchLab and Innovus.

Not sure about your business idea yet? No worries! Just bring your curiosity, and we'll guide you through the process! 💡

Join us for stimulating sessions, interactive activities, and complimentary refreshments to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit! 🍕🥤

And guess what? It's absolutely FREE for all students enrolled in the Faculties at Stellenbosch University! 🎉 With only 50 spots available per Bootcamp, make

sure to grab yours and immerse yourself in the realm of entrepreneurship! 💼✨

Proudly sponsored by the Faculties of AgriScience, Engineering and Science.

Bootcamp posters_Agri.Engin.jpg
Bootcamp posters_Science 2024.jpg

AgriScience and Engineering Register here.

Science Students Register here.

Community Events - Open to Everyone

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