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Data science is the gold of the 4iR.
Entrepreneurism is the shovel. Africa is the place. 

Equipping tomorrow's leaders with the foundations necessary to change the world

Africa is the fastest growing continent on the planet.

That demographic dividend can be an incredible force for good.
Data Science and Entrepreneurism are the tools of the 4iR that will bring Africa to the forefront of global innovation.

Hear from one of our alumni

Listen to Julianne Blignaut share her Bootcamp story.

Who joins our bootcamps?

University students

Corporate employees

Working professionals

Our Bootcamps

Our bootcamp provides a foundational knowledge in cutting edge data science topics such as big data, AI and machine learning, accompanied by a heavy dose of design thinking, lean startup and entrepreneurial development techniques.


We offer the course in two formats to meet the needs of future leaders across Africa:


4 week, full-time, immersive bootcamp

Participants work in cohorts to learn data science and entrepreneurism through course work, case studies, guest lecturers and work with SU LaunchLab startups. The course seeks to pair Africa's best students with their first tech internship.  


U$D 500 USD / R 7,500

For Stellenbosch University students: R 2,500

Key dates

Program starts: 3 October 2022

(Pre-work available: 19 September 2022)

Application close: 16 September 2022

Corporate Employees

6 week, part-time course of 4-6 hours of work per week

We are currently doing our customer discovery on this offering to ensure it meets the unique needs of this learner. Please contact us if you are a corporate looking to invest in the human capital development of your employees. 


U$D 2,000 / R30,000

What do the bootcamps entail?

 The program is presented through interesting lectures, case studies and assignments directed by experts.


The following topics are covered:

  • Understanding the “World of Data”: what exactly is data science, machine learning (ML), AI, big data,  and how do they all fit together

  • ML techniques and algorithms: unsupervised learning, supervised learning, and an intro to deep learning and neural networks

  • ML in Python: learn all the different tools and libraries in Python which can accelerate your ML models

  • Understanding and building a ML pipeline: from data sourcing to building your own ML models from scratch

  • How to effectively approach a data-related problem

  • How to most effectively interpret results from your data and communicate these results

  • Identifying business use cases for data science and ML through doing interesting case studies and projects

  • Other tech soft skills: SCRUM, Agile, & Kanban

  • Interesting guest lectures on ML and data science in industry

  • Entrepreneurship: design thinking, lean startup and entrepreneurial development techniques

The program is open to anyone. The course is coding-intensive, thus we recommend that participants understand programming fundamentals - but the language itself doesn’t matter. NO prior experience with Python or machine learning is required - that’s why we’re here!

Image by Lagos Techie

Our aim

is to prepare the leaders of the next wave of uniquely African tech growth.

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Daniel Maloba

Program lead

Daniel Maloba is an electrical and electronic engineering graduate with a major in telecommunication from Stellenbosch University. He is a data scientist, self-taught web developer and entrepreneur who believes that Africa can and must produce world-class entrepreneurs for its development. 

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