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Transforming seemingly
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Stellenbosch University LaunchLab

Where entrepreneurs, academia & industry meet to build the future

Africa is the youngest continent on the planet.  It also has the world’s highest growth rate. This population growth will either be a massive dividend or destructive force. It’s time to build innovative solutions that solve critical social issues. It’s time to transform Africa into the world leader in entrepreneurship.

We focus on creating scalable, high-impact businesses across sectors that will define the future of Africa but are underserved and underfunded - university technology transfer, climate, agri and health. Having Stellenbosch University as our backbone provides us with the resources, information and expertise to make this happen.


Working across University Technology Transfer, local and international entrepreneurs, corporates, investors and individuals means we have the experience and insight needed to build solutions that will reshape the world.

A platform for mission driven entrepreneurs,  investors & partners


Are you a business entrepreneur lacking a technical co-founder? Technical founder seeking commercial assistance? Well-rounded team seeking help along the journey? We've got the expertise and networks to grow your startup.


Have you walked the hard road and want to give back? Had an exit and are looking for the next opportunity? Eager to learn more about building startups in Africa? We have a curated network of dedicated, trained, experienced professionals that gain access to our amazing startups and unique programs.


Do you have funds but not enough investable pipeline? Like to make sure your investment is being optimised? Seeking to make a material impact? We offer opportunities to invest in our startups, our platform and alongside a curated network of other mission driven investors.

How it works

Stellenbosch University is Africa’s leading research institution.

The University generates a plethora of incredible ideas, research & intellectual property.

SU wants this research to positively impact society.


Innovus is South Africa’s leading Technology Transfer office.

These talented professionals work across the University to help students, academics & faculty turn their research & ideas into commercial projects.

Innovus is wholly owned by Stellenbosch University.

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SU LaunchLab was noted as Africa’s #1 University-Business Incubator in 2017 - 2020.

We build high impact, sustainable companies through Technology Transfer. We also work with non-Tech Transfer entrepreneurs from all over the world.

SU LaunchLab is a department of Innovation and Commericalisation at Stellenbosch University.

The Stellenbosch Connection

Stellenbosch is the ideal entry point to the world’s fastest growing continent, as it offers access to Africa’s greatest connected network of services, expertise and resources, all critical for a startup’s success.

We are located on the campus of one of Africa’s top Universities surrounded by the best & brightest people that the continent has to offer. These individuals not only bring us amazing ideas but serve as mentors, experts and coaches along the way.

It takes a village to build a company. In Stellenbosch we have all the ingredients necessary to continue building Africa’s predominant knowledge region.

Stellenbosch offers Africa’s greatest connected network of services, expertise & resources critical to startup success.

  • 151 Patents Generated since 2009 – #1 in South Africa

  • 30,000+ World Class Undergrad & Graduate Students

  • 1,000+ Academic Staff

  • Global HQ for 20% of South African Stock Exchange

  • Largest concentration of USD millionaires anywhere in Africa

This confluence of factors make Stellenbosch the ideal environment for startup activity across the continent. 





Experienced mentors

SU students

faculty & research

Technical experts

Motivated entrepreneurs

Risk taking


World shaping ideas



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