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Macro view 

"Connecting the dots: from the big apple to the tip of Africa"- Article by Josh Romisher, CEO

"A new narrative around African entrepreneurism"- Article by Josh Romisher, CEO

"What do you need to build world-changing solutions in Africa"- Podcast of Africa Digital World interviewing Josh Romisher, CEO

Educational interviews

"Conversation with Steve Blank"- Webinar with Steve Blank, founder of the Lean Startup methodology

"Simple tips for taking your startup team remote"- Article by Fred Lutz, COO and Co-Founder of Custos Media Technologies

Inspiring entrepreneurs 

"Building satellites and learning a startup is about people- not technology"- Article interview with Mike-Alex Kearney, CEO of CubeSpace

"From a simple student hustle to a successful agritech company"-Article on Adagin

"From university research to startup: the Revolute Systems journey"-Webinar with the Faculty of AgriSciences and Jaco Adendorff, CEO of Revolute Systems

"Stellenbosch University Ideasmash winner announced"- Announcement from SU LaunchLab & Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education

"Hypernova creates world-shaping sustainable rocket fuel"- Article on Hypernova

"SU and local biotech company tackle COVID-19 together"- Article on AzarGen Biotechnologies (PTY) Ltd.

"Techitez Geasy smart geyser controller device"- Article on Techitez

"From university research to startup: the Revolute Systems journey"- ___, Revolute Systems CEO

Growth opportunities

"SU students connecting with tech internships through SU Techpreneurship Centre"- Article on SU's Techpreneurship Centre

"Bridging the gap between academia and job opportunities"- Announcement about SU's Techpreneurship Centre


What we're learning

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